Set of 6 postcards about the horizon*

1. Proceeds from sales will be given to the Portland chapter of Critical Resistance, a grassroots organization working to abolish the prison industrial complex. Money will support their Write Them All campaign (going towards stamps, printing), which is an effort to write to all 14,500 incarcerated Oregonians. You can sign up to write letters here

2. Keep in touch with the people in your life. Everyone loves getting mail ︎

3. Support the USPS

To order: 
︎︎︎ Sliding scale $10-20**
︎︎︎ Pay via Paypal or Venmo (@mianolting)
︎︎︎ You can also donate directly and tell me and I will send you postcards
︎︎︎ Email or DM me your address

* The horizon is a visual stand-in for the following concepts: distance, the future, an imaginary boundary, a place or goal that is unattainable (we can never get there), possibility and hope (something unknowable is “over there”)

** Please contact me for international orders